Why do you need My Easy Start Method

You wouldn't get in a car that has no steering or breaks would you? I believe it is important to teach a horse to stop, turn both ways and back up before getting on him.

That's why I've developed the 5 step method. The key to solving any problems a horse or colt has is by developing his trust in you. I will teach you how you can develop trust and Ground Manners in your horses and colts with simple 1 hour sessions over 5 days. At the end of the 5 days you will be able to get on your horse for the first time and ride out of the pen, confident that you are in control of your horse.

My DVD – 'Easy Start Method of Breaking Colts' illustrates Ground Manners with 3 different colts. You'll see first hand that once a horse understands that you are not going to harm them, they change and begin to follow you demonstrating their trust and willingness to learn.