Video about Gary’s Easy Start Method for Breaking Colts

If you’ve ever tried to start a colt yourself, you’ll know that without some experience behind you it’s not an easy task. What you think would work often doesn’t and the solution is usually the opposite of what you would expect.  In my course you will learn how to start any colt, with any temperament and be riding in 5 days.

 “You wouldn’t get in a car that has no steering or breaks, so why would you put your life in the hands of a horse that you can’t stop, turn both ways and back up?”

My name is Gary Hunt, I developed this course as a result of training horses and starting colts for over 30 years. I was a professional Bull Rider for 18 and I spent 10 years training race horses for the race track. Over the years I’ve also started hundreds of colts at my training centre in Black Diamond, AB. I’ve worked with everything from the most temperamental and skittish horses to your everyday riding horse. What I’ve found is that all horses have something in common. They all want to learn, and they can all be ridden.

In my DVD, Easy Start Method for Breaking Colts, I’ve put together an easy to follow 5 day course that anyone can use to turn their colt into a horse with great ground manners that they can then confidently get on and ride.


Train Any Horse Young or Old

Through 5 short 1 hour classes over 5 days you will be able to take your colt that has never been ridden, saddled, or bridled, and confidently ride out of the pen on him. My method has been developed over 30 years of working directly with horses. This can be used on any horse young or old and with any temperament. And it will work.

Day One: We cover Sacking out and Saddling

Day Two : Sacking, Saddling & Head-to-Tail

Day Three:  Driving Your Colt with the Halter

Day Four:  Driving Your Colt with the Big Ring Snaffle Bit

Day Five: Riding Your Colt

That’s it! In 5 short days, you’ll build your colt into a horse you can confidently ride and control. Here are a few testimonials from other people like you who have taken the Gary Hunt Easy Start Method Course.


"Hi Gary, Thank you for making a wonderful video which enable me to start my colt with no prior starting experience and with great physical limitations! I ordered equipment from you to continue the project as you have demonstrated. Thanks again for sharing your skills so well!" - Janny Freeze