Colt Starting Clinic by the St. Paul Ag. Society

Posted in Gary's Trail

St. Paul, AB - The students were eager and ready to start their colts. The colts were nervous and the trainer was calm.... those colts were going to change a bunch in the following days. Day one showed the colts how ground manners worked.

They all learned quickly and the students did too. The days continued and although they were long, everyone was excited about a challenge and found their way with the horse.

Richard was the prime example of a determined student. 'Just hang on to that cotton sack-out rope' (no matter how fast the horse runs).

Well, there were 5 great days and everyone learned a lot.

The horses returned home with a new look on life, the students were ready to use the method consistently and we all went home having enjoyed the company and the great hospitality.

Big thanks go out to the St. Paul Ag Society - Diane in particular - for working with us and putting on a really great week.