Building Trust in Horses a Labour of Love

Posted in Gary's Trail

Copyright Edmonton Journal March 29, 2007

It took about 25 minutes for Gary Hunt to get a raw, unbroken colt to accept a saddle. But he had no intention of trying to ride the horse at the Farm and Ranch Show Wednesday.

“It’s all about patience and getting the horse to trust you,” the veteran Black Diamond horse trainer said. By the end of the show on Saturday he promised to be upon the horse and have him turning and backing up. The former professional bull rider, who paid his entry fees by breaking horses for ranchers, doesn’t believe in the hang-on-for-dear life old style way. He likes to take five one-hour-a-day sessions, slowly gaining the horse’s trust and respect.

“They are afraid of you, and when they are afraid their mind doesn’t work. So you have to take the scared out of them.”And if you do it right you can see the horse change. I’ve had horses bring tears to my eyes they trust you so much.”